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On the sidewalk

A man standing outside the building sees his Mutual Friend Meter go off and looks up to see the friend of a friend he met last weekend at a party. As they chat the Strength Indicator between them begins to glow. Nearby, a local activist uses a Screamer Jacket to try to deliver information to passersby about her cause. In response, a pedestrian heading north activates her Hard Shell and a few minutes later a pedestrian heading south utilizes their I Need Some Space Ball. In the midst of this two friends deeply engrossed in conversation pass by without noticing. One is cold so the other removes some of their Strippable to share so that they can continue their walk and talk.

#43 Strength Indicator

Laser beams indicate strength of connection between two people through number and brightness

#48 Screamer

A set of directional speakers embedded in a jacket that allow for high fidelity reproduction of sound. i.e. Projecting sound behind you “This is the police! … “ to scare a thief. Or Projecting a reminder in front of you.

#49 Hard Shell

A set of hard pads that protect the wearer. But if someone they trust is alone in the room with them the pads soften and conform to the body.


#62 Stripables

Garments that have removable or additional parts that can be shared with those that need them. (For extra warmth etc.)

#78 I Need Some Space Suit

Creates a field around an individual in order to make others feel uncomfortable and want to take a step or two back.

#105 Mutual Friend Meter

A shirt which displays through an LED meter the approx. number of mutual friends you have. Usefully for random meetings and deciding if this human is one you should interact with and in what manner you should.