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NYC Subway Car

Three colleagues seated together use the Viewing Angle Extender to read the New York Times on their way to a business meeting. A mariachi band walks through the car, with two singers wearing Protest and holding hands to amplify their voices. A man leans forward with his Colloquial Translator to try to understand their song. A woman sits down on a crowded bend and considerately employs Hair Control to retract her enormous hairdo. A couple is having a noisy argument. One employs their F*ck Off pin while the other releases their porcupine vest. The person standing closest to them activates their random Eye Contact Averter and consults their Exit Strategy while further down the car a teenage boy feels his Auto Empathizer go off. At the next stop a performance artist gets on and proceeds to set up their Tea Pack and offer everyone on the car a hot beverage.

#1 Viewing Angle Extender

The opposite of privacy glass. Shares the context of your small screen with whoever is sitting proximate to you.

#3 Random Eye Contact Initiator / Averter

AKA Computer-Guided Googly Eye Glasses An eye position scrambler. For the shy in can help to initiate eye contact to aid in human connection. For the overly curious or empathetic, helps to keep one out of other people’s business.

#5 Porcupine Vest

A shape-shifting garment. Release quills to increase your spatial footprint.


#63 Protest

A set of amplified speakers that will amplify the wearer's voice proportionally to how many people are holding hands together and speaking.

#66 Auto Empathizer

A device that physically covers the heart. Sits directly against the skin.Set to reflect what another person is feeling. Mechanisms include warmth, prickers, swirling massagers, fluffy bits, and feathers.


#85 F*ck Off!

Lapel Pin which screams when you become upset enough with someone around you.

#93 Tea Pack

Backpack brewing station that lets others make you a cup of tea!

#95 Haircontrol

Adjusts the length/style of hair based on where and with whom you are.

#98 Colloquial Translation

translate geographical accents and saying for better understanding within people who speak the same language in very very different ways.

#101 Exit Strategy

Sense a constant vibration in the direction of the nearest exit. acts as comfort for those with anxiety or fear.