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Group Vacation

Group Vacation can be both amazing and extremely frustrating. These devices are chosen to make travel more comfortable for everyone and relieve some of the small annoyances you might encounter along the way. PowerShare, Tea Pack, Shared Pillow Sleeper and Sharables, all take the place of creating comfort within the group and facilitate vacationers working together to keep their devices charged, sleep etc. Though Hiding Pocket, View angle Extender and Small Talk could be worn by any of the group members they are meant to help to keep the wearer sane by mitigating potential small annoyances. These devices, keep your belongings safe, allow others to view your maps without taking your phone and allow you to disengage the chattier members of the group. The last collection help the group interact with one another, allowing them to know when the others are free, help facilitate conversation when topics run low and allowing you to communicate emotionally with your cohorts more effectively.


#1 Viewing Angle Extender

The opposite of privacy glass. Shares the context of your small screen with whoever is sitting proximate to you.

#2 Shared Sleeper Pillow

For overnight flights. Instead of avoiding falling asleep on the person next to you, help to prop each other up!

#34 Quiet Signal:

A small lapel pin which begins to pulse when you are wanting a quiet moment, to think, or meditate. Even in crowds. Signals you’re fine just feeling quiet at the moment.

#54 PowerShare

An exoskeleton that transforms kinetic energy into stored battery power. But the battery can only be used by its partner suit. Allows people to keep each other’s training in check.

#62 Stripables

Garments that have removable or additional parts that can be shared with those that need them. (For extra warmth etc.)

#66 Auto Empathizer

A device that physically covers the heart. Sits directly against the skin.Set to reflect what another person is feeling. Mechanisms include warmth, prickers, swirling massagers, fluffy bits, and feathers.


#77 Questionable Support

Get to know a new friends with this mischievous, only mildly untrustworthy AI which will insert questions into conversation.

#81 Free Time

glanceable data as to whether 5 close people in your life are available, soon to be, busy or available for a short time. 5 LED use colors to convey availability, brightness of the LED equates to proximity.

#88 Hiding Pocket

A bag that always remains out of sight from the nearest person. Trust noone!


#93 Tea Pack

Backpack brewing station that lets others make you a cup of tea!

#109 Small Talk Blinds

don’t want to engage those around you in smalltalk? these blinders with engage them for you until the conversation gets interesting and you’d like to return.