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Gallery Opening 1

Much of the devices being used in this Gallery are being used to intervene in potential awkward situations at the gallery opening. The Enthusiasm Filter allows you to contain any potential unacceptable enthusiasm. Art is very serious. Name Tagged and Mutual Friend Meter can be used to both let you know who you should be talking to and also jog your memory of anyone you have previously met. A practical and expressive art appreciation facade can be applied with the eyebrow Extenders and the Language of Gesture Suit as you don’t want anyone to think you aren’t properly appreciating the works on display and for when you need a bit of a break there’s always the Extenda-Bench but once it’s finally time for a quick escape the Exit Strategy shoes can always get you out of there.

#10 Eyebrow Extender

Facial expression extension technology. Serves to amplify messages delivered via visage.

#99 Enthusiasm Filter

Set the enthusiasm level and receive a shock every time the device feels you’ve surpassed it.

#101 Exit Strategy

Sense a constant vibration in the direction of the nearest exit. acts as comfort for those with anxiety or fear.

#102 Language of Gesture

highly technical snowsuit which takes in your gesture and outputs the language to describe the feelings behind said gesture.

#103 Name Tagged

RFID enabled name tagging for those that are horrible at remembering names. just casually swipe your phone next to the chip and receive the other user’s name on your screen. Beats asking awkwardly what their name is because you don’t remember.

#105 Mutual Friend Meter

A shirt which displays through an LED meter the approx. number of mutual friends you have. Usefully for random meetings and deciding if this human is one you should interact with and in what manner you should.

#115 Extenda-bench

A bench that automatically elongates to accommodate additional people without seating.