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Dungeons and Dragons

As a role playing game, The devices chosen to be part of D+D are all about creating characters and telling stories. In particular we have the Hair controller, Eyebrow Extender and Entrance Music for each player to better communicate their players motivations and moods. The Interaction/Environment Controller is held for only the DM to wear. This way the DM can have complete control over the mood of the room for the story they are directing as well as, have control over their facial expressions. This control ensures they do not reveal any upcoming twists in the games or influence the player's actions. the Scrambler comes in when players need to secretly discuss strategy without the other players hearing and finally, when it all comes down to it, D+D can be played in long sessions and it’s always nice to have a cup of tea. For this reason, Tea Pack is greatly appreciated when brought along by one of the players.

#10 Eyebrow Extender

Facial expression extension technology. Serves to amplify messages delivered via visage.

#57 Scrambler

A gasmask like apparatus that allows two people to speak and understand each other. But creates random noise via speakers to prevent everyone from even trying to listen in.

#69 Interactions/Environmental Control Panel

A wrist-based device used to control your availability for social interactions as well as your engagement with your environment. These input values are gathered using a microcontroller and transmitted by Bluetooth Low Energy to a neural guidance device that is yet to be developed.


#93 Tea Pack

Backpack brewing station that lets others make you a cup of tea!

#95 Haircontrol

Adjusts the length/style of hair based on where and with whom you are.

#100 Entrance Music

Announces your presence and allows you to set the mood when you do so.