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Dames Making Games Jam

DMG jams have three major ideas behind them: alternative education and group learning, productivity, and creating inclusive spaces for creative technology. It is with these in mind the following devices were chosen. creating space for yourself in the crowd to be productive at game jams can be difficult. To aid you team in doing so Tea Room and the Intimacy tentacles can be deployed. If all else fails you can always pull out the Time out to cut cut out the chatty sources and carve out a few silent minutes for yourself. Teamwork and group creation is a lot of the teaching we do at DMG. Pair Programming, Handshake Validator, Tea Pack and Viewing Angle Extender come in handy when one if attempting to share their work, or hilariously co-create new games. And finally we come to the devices which aid your awareness of others and yourself which is a big component in creating inclusive spaces.

#1 Viewing Angle Extender

The opposite of privacy glass. Shares the context of your small screen with whoever is sitting proximate to you.

#14 Enhanced haptic feedback loop of touch

Creates haptic feedback when you touch another person. enabling you to experience the way in which you physically interact with another. Allowing you to understand the strength, and possible perceived intention of your touch, allowing you to not only obtain more physical sensation through your own touch but also, rethink possible unwarranted physical interactions.

#46 Tea Room.

A pair of wearable overcoats that can connect to each other to create a private space with desired ambiance. (Light + Sound)

#56 Secret Handshake Validator

Lights up green if you did it right! (Electrocutes you if you didn’t?)


#75 Time Out

Mutes conversation between people to allow time for introspection.

#87 Pair Programming

A performative set of two body suits. That have standard keys of the keyboard as pads on them. Each pad can only be actuated by another suit-wearing person. With careful contortions of their bodies they have to live code a program.

#93 Tea Pack

Backpack brewing station that lets others make you a cup of tea!

#103 Name Tagged

RFID enabled name tagging for those that are horrible at remembering names. just casually swipe your phone next to the chip and receive the other user’s name on your screen. Beats asking awkwardly what their name is because you don’t remember.

#106 politically awkward notice

looks like an elastic band but has a small motor on the underside of the wrist to alert the wearer when they’ve stepped into a politically awkward or uncomfortable conversation.

#110 “Nope”

Pin which allows those you are meeting to know when you’ve made a sorely wrong assumption about them without you having to correct them.

#113 Intimacy Tentacles

Physical, visual indicator that two people are locked in an intimate exchange and should not be disrupted.