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Coffee Shop

Two friends meet up for a chat, one of them paying for coffee using the iPaid system. As they sit, one feels a kick from her soon-to-be born child, her Kicker Corset passes it on to her partner. A third friend arrives and sits down on the seat that the Extenda-bench offers up. Together the three of them look at the Baby Channel on Facebook Filter to see what the latest is in their parenting community. Nearby a freelancer uses a Interactions/Environmental Control Panel to blur and mute them out so he can focus on work. It’s not enough, however. He receives a text from his girlfriend followed by an Unspoken Words overlay, which shows him what she actually meant to say. Now he’ll never be able to concentrate!

#33 iPaid

A payment system contained in contact lenses which enables you to pay through eye contact with your server.

#44 Unspoken Words

Textual analysis correspondence indicates words that would commonly be associated with this grouping but are not present

#69 Interactions/Environmental Control Panel

A wrist-based device used to control your availability for social interactions as well as your engagement with your environment. These input values are gathered using a microcontroller and transmitted by Bluetooth Low Energy to a neural guidance device that is yet to be developed.


#71 Kicker Corset

A set of belts for a couple, one with sensors one with actuators. Monitors belly and back on a pregnant person. Transposes sensation of baby kicks as well as well as lower back pain and other aches to non-pregnant partner.

#111 Facebook Filter

Reads, analyzes, sorts FB content. Views include Baby Channel, Funny Internet Shit, Complaining, Broadcasting, Serious/Significant Life Moments

#115 Extenda-bench

A bench that automatically elongates to accommodate additional people without seating.