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Burning Man 2

During the afternoon pairs of people wander around listlessly under Plurumbrellas, shading themselves from the sun. Those in the Silicon Valley theme camps look at their Free Times to check who is available for a bike ride. Once the sun has set, activities start to pick up. A first time Burner heads out to a dance party alone where she receives some unwanted attention. First she uses her Brush Off to attempt to gently reject the advances. When that doesn’t work she simultaneously activates her F*ck Off pin and her Emotional Support Beacon, rushing out of the party to find her friends. As she heads to the deep playa she passes another cyclist who is blasting dubstep through their Screamer jacket. When she arrives at an art installation her friend greets her with Hug Wings, enveloping her with support. They sit down to try the Collective Spirometer, sharing a deep meditative moment with a crowd of nearly one hundred people. From there they head to the trash fence where it is rumored there will be a performance of Plug Sway Sleep just before sunrise.

#29 Plug, Sway, Sleep

A pair of devices that each has a unique 'voice' (audiovisual) but will only express if the wearers plug them together and dance to the output. Eventually the straps holding it will release and the two connected wearables will slide to the floor and lull each other to sleep.

#35 Plur-umbrella:

Free to use umbrellas that can only be held open by two individuals.

#36 Hug Wings

Enveloping sleeves - help the other person to feel safe


#48 Screamer

A set of directional speakers embedded in a jacket that allow for high fidelity reproduction of sound. i.e. Projecting sound behind you “This is the police! … “ to scare a thief. Or Projecting a reminder in front of you.

#70 Collective Spirometer

A device that incentives a group of people to breathe deeply in unison.

#81 Free Time

glanceable data as to whether 5 close people in your life are available, soon to be, busy or available for a short time. 5 LED use colors to convey availability, brightness of the LED equates to proximity.

#85 F*ck Off!

Lapel Pin which screams when you become upset enough with someone around you.

#114 Brush Off

Kinetic feather-laden chest piece that raises to create a gentle space or boundary.

#118 Emotional Support Beacon

Press a small button and it will send out a signal to nearby friends when you need support.